i’m not just something you can message and get a quick fuck out of. fuck you. fuck men. i hate men i hate all men

GOD ITS A FUCKING SKEEZY CIS WHITE GUY WHO IS PREDATORY AS *FUCK* like i do my best to be polite and nice because as SOON as i say anything REMOTELY defensive i’ll be “that b*tch” and i really don’t want to deal with that

i’ve talked to this dude maybe twice and he has SEEN ME WITH DREW

like here is the conversation:

dude: Hey are you going to be at midroicon?
me: nope ;3; next con I’ll be at is Youma!!
dude: Damn
Was hoping we could hangout
me: D: sorry yo!! I just paid for school and I’m about to pay for a car so I’m so broke ;n;
dude: I’ll pay for you ;)
Haha understandable though
I could stop on my way to midori and we could grab some drinks
me: lmao
oh man!! it depends on if I have time
when is midori con?
dude: Make time ;)
Next weekend
me: if I had known earlier!! but I’ll be pretty swamped with starting full shifts n school
dude: That sucks
I don’t mean this in a weird way but do you have a boyfriend?
me: yep!! I’m dating Drew
dude: Oh nice
me: we’ve been together for a while now
dude: I never know anything XD
Sux you guys aren’t going to Midoricon
Will you both be at youma?
me: I have no idea if Drews coming but I definitely wanna go!! I think he wants to
I’m too new to this con life idk all the good cons D:
but I figure I should try to go to the one in my own state lol
dude: Haha but you hangout with like all the famous con people
me: wait like who?
I had no idea there was a hierarchy here
dude: Like the Arda people and stuff lol
me: I just kinda met them through Drew! they’re all rly chill and awesome
dude: Hellz yeah, you need to hang with all of us at youma
me: yeah yeah!! I’m super excited I actually might have a decent cosplay or two that I can actually spend time on! I’m really pumped
I’m excited to see everybody
dude: Lol I’ll prolly just be Castiel
me: that works XD